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Any hardwood floor has its own limits. At some point in the hardwood floor life, you may notice changes caused by high traffic or misuse of the hardwood floor. Maybe you have noticed that your floor is not as shiny as it used to be, maybe you can see scuffs and scratches in some areas or you just want to protect your floor from damage. The best thing to do in this matter is RECOATING your floor.

What is recoating?

Recoating is to lightly sand (also called screening, scuffing or buffing) the floor. BNZ Crew only sands to the last finish, not all the way down to the bare wood. The top surface of the finish with all scratches is removed, and then one or more coats of desired finish are applied. When damage made to the wood is beyond the point of recoating, BNZ Crew will offer refinishing your space.

Great things about recoating:

  • cheaper than refinishing
  • quick process (recoating can be done in one day)
  • protection for many years to come
  • easy way to change the shine to one you prefer
  • and many more ………

When should I recoat my floor?

It is not possible to tell BNZ’s clients how many years their floors will last. The best way is to look for signs of wear and do not
wait too long. Finish that is more durable and applying more than one coat of finish will provide longer lasting protection!