QUALITY, the best kind of advertising — BNZ Flooring Company creates wood floors with character and distinctive visual appeal. For over 20 years, BNZ Crew has been installing wood floors of exceptional quality that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. BNZ offers an extensive collection of wood styles, cuts, species, and high-end prefinished collections. BNZ is dedicated to the philosophy of providing only quality service at every step of the installation process.

From top-notch customer service to meticulous attention to detail, BNZ specializes in professional wood floor refinishing, approaches each project, whether big or small in scope, with the same exacting standards, pleasant service and careful, capable hands. Independent of the type – private residence, high-rise, new construction, renovation, or commercial space – BNZ Flooring Company has the skilled workforce to create any project. BNZ offers its client dust-free sanding via The Dust Containment System.

  Advanced wood staining techniques allow BNZ to have unsurpassed custom capabilities, with almost limitless possibilities for color to match any style. BNZ Crew will restore a new look to old floor as well as create beautiful color. BNZ’s master in-house skilled team can create custom and progressive stains. Renowned for innovative custom colors with finesse for finishes, BNZ’s trained refinishers create colors on site for client’s review. BNZ ensures the final result is a refreshed floor with minimal disruption.

BNZ Flooring Company is the customer-oriented place, built on a foundation of authentic relationships. BNZ Crew adheres to business and ethical principles in order to reflect the highest standards in flooring industry. BNZ follows recommendations from National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). BNZ commits to design, build and run creativity solutions that deliver lasting business value to its clients on time and within budget. By delivering excellent services with professional integrity, BNZ develops successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect.